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Over nearly fourty years of professional vocal performing and recording, and with the aid of several great teachers, most notably Douglas Susu-Mago of Evanston and LA, I have developed my own approach to the teaching of good singing.  My method is non-classical, and appropriate for any level of student. Emphasis is on proper breathing technique, and an understanding of the physical mechanics involved in good vocal production and maintenance of vocal health.  Every student is different, and my teaching practice takes any student from where they are and helps them learn to better manage the development of their instrument.  Students learn how to warm up and stretch the voice, how to tune up their ear, vocal dexterity, how diction affects singing, approaching new material,and much more.  I teach students from age 12 and up. Students can be singers or non-singers, readers of music or not.  Trouble shooting vocal difficulties, problem solving with material and style coaching for professionals as well.


I can also coach a singer or band in basic music theory (especially important for singers who don't play an instrument), creating simple charts for original tunes, finding the right key for each song, tuning up background vocals, basic musicianship (dynamics, arranging) and how to get the most out of a rehearsal or recording situation.  Now offering training in harmony singing as well.


In 2017, one of my younger students won the Charlie Bucket role in Willie Wonka Jr at the Athenaeum Theater in Chicago. I have taught through Piano Lessons in Your Home and also the Midwestern School of Folk and Rock.

Also available are beginning keyboard and guitar.


Rates are $35/30 minutes; $40/45 minutes; $50/60 minutes.  Group discounts available

Contact: or 773/251-0643






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