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B i o g r a p h y

If you've made it this far into the website, you're either just curious, or you remember this guy and the band that became a legend in a time and a place where the world didn't really need one.

Dr. Bizarro & The Disgustos had their humble beginnings as a relatively unknown theatrical rock band that became known in the custom vanner community back in the 1970's.   They came to some notoriety for performing wild music and on-stage stunts during The MidWest Vans Truck-Ins.  They played tunes by Frank Zappa during a time when NOONE would DARE attempt that and expect to be taken seriously as a band.

They also covered selections by such groups as The Bonzo Dog Band, The Fugs, Flo & Eddie and Captain Beefheart. Occasionally, Dr. Bizarro would combine original compositions with other cover songs to create a mind-numbing mash-up soundtrack of music that melded with the overall outdoor festivities. Sometimes, the band would get people from the audience to recite at random poetry, wear strange costumes, or dance naked on stage while the band did an avante garde styled instrumental, much to the delight of the already cannabis-saturated audience.

After a few dozen live shows, the band split up and the various members went their own way to pursue other musical projects. Bizarro went into seclusion and continued to compose and record original material by "tapping into the bitstream" as he called it, channeling the various styles and genres of the "Zappa-Level".


As he once noted in an interview, "the music is there for anyone to tap into.  You can get Zappa, Beatles, Beethoven, whatever  you want, you just have to know how to get to the level. It's like turning the dial on a radio. There's nothing magical about it. Most composers are stuck on one station. Everything they write HAS to be BLUES, or JAZZ, or HEAVY METAL.  I never saw the point in that..."


Combined with an ever-evolving lineup of musicians, vocalists and an insatiable need to entertain, Bizarro continued to write and record for the next 30 years. No, he never got a record deal. But he DID get a publishing deal and currently writes under the pseudonym of Robert Kramer. Every performer has more than one side....this would probably be two of them.......


Original photo taken at Sleeze Lake 1977 in the IBOB ARCHAELOGICAL ARTIFACTS MUSEUM

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