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Tonites Feature:

Stupidity -The New Normal

THE DR. IS IN.....

YES, it's the return of musical mentally challenged madcap insanity, brought forward into the future by none other than...DR. BIZARRO himself. 

Returning with a series of ALL NEW ORIGINAL material deliriously executed, recorded and performed by The Disgustos, the Dr. has delivered the kind of music you just don't hear anymore...ACTUAL REAL MUSIC played by ACTUAL REAL MUSICIANS on ACTUAL REAL INSTRUMENTS. 

YES, there are real guitar solos, cool keyboard, vocal and drum parts, bizarre musical jams, and most importantly, a return to the kind of tuneage you only used to hear from artists like Zappa, Beefheart, The Fugs, Bonzo Dog Band, and other "edgy" dare-to-cross-the-line types of groups. 


In todays' world of boring, non-musical auto-tuned computer-generated Justin Bieber-ish crotch-holding wimps who think that talking over a drumbeat is MUSIC, "DB & The D's" delivers the kind of album-oriented rock/jazz/avante garde music that makes you want to roll a NOW LEGAL blunt in your customized 1977 Dodge Van and head for the nearest campground with your significant other. Maybe even all the way back to Monticello....

The first album in a series, "Every Backs Always Thingwards" is a tour-de-force of serious music by top musicians and mixed with enough memorable I.B.O.B.-flavored lyrics, irreverent humor, and wild musical performances that will have you spitting beer thru your nose in no time. 


It's the album that time-travelled all the way from 1977 to the future.  Every Backs Always Thingwards.  Or is it?

Bizarro/i.b.o.b. at midwest vans 43rd truck-in

THE IBAR tent, one of the stops on the pub crawl at the MVL 43rd Truck In.
In memory of Rick "FLAME" Cuvala

(INDIANA) 5/29/17 - Memorial Day weekend took on a special meaning this past month with the 43rd Midwest Vans Ltd. Truck-In celebrating "Vans Around The World", held this year down in Rensalear, Indiana at the Jasper County Fairgrounds. 


Among the festivities was the return of Dr.Bizarro, who brought the legacy of I.B.O.B. and vanning forward into the 21st century with the "I-BAR tent", one of the featured stops on the popular "pub crawl" which has become a standard feature of the MVL truck ins over the years.  Among the crowd were enthusiastic vanners to celebrate the 43rd year for MVL, and hail the 40th anniversary of the International Brotherhood Of Bizarros.

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